Corporate Responsibility

At Sopra Steria, we believe that digital technology is a source of opportunities and progress for everyone.

Endowed with a human aspect, it creates a virtuous circle and benefits the society as a whole. Sopra Steria has chosen to be a "contributive" company to build a sustainable world where everyone can contribute.

We view our contribution to be sustainable, human and guiding. 

Sustainable, as we work and adopt a long-term logic whether in our daily business operations or in supporting our customers in their digital transformation.

Our approach in creating a more sustainable world covers our environmental, social, ethical and community commitments. 

We are committed to significantly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and fighting against climate change by integrating our value chain; anticipating the business of tomorrow; ensuring development and integration of all talents in-house and in the society; applying the values and ethical principles that characterise us in our daily business activities and contributing to a more inclusive digital society.


Human, because our actions focus on implementing projects that promote digital inclusion, equal opportunities and social openness. Since several years, we are committed to the education of young people, integration of people with disabilities and professional development of women.


Guiding, since we contribute based on our ability to anticipate challenges of digital technology, understand and assess the impact in everyone’s daily life. We are part of discussions on the impact of digital technology on society with partners and think tanks. We thereby help our customers meet their own sustainability challenges.

Since this transformation can be carried out through collective effort, we are mobilising our employees, customers, partners, suppliers and society to provide sustainable solutions. We want many people to benefit from innovation and thereby create a positive, responsible and ethical impact on the society as a whole.

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