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In times like these, solidarity counts more than ever to ensure safety for every individual.

In this context Sopra Steria Group worked out a service for all citizens: Q@HOME.

With Q@HOME every citizen can schedule a visit to the supermarket, doctor’s office, bank or public authority office, etc. The foundation of this idea is to give each everyone the possibility to take care of their daily life but keeping social distance to others.

The use of the service is completely free of charge during the lockdown. Going forward the application will certainly become one of the tools that supermarkets, public offices, banks will consider further in order to keep a clear overview in their stores, waiting areas.

By making Q@HOME available to your customers you are not only creating an additional feature in your customer service area but also ensure the highest safety and security for your customers and employees both.


What is Q@HOME? 

It is an application proposed by Sopra Steria group focussing on:
  • Avoid queuing or crowding of people around your premises, stores, offices, waiting areas
  • Online advance planning and slot reservation simply done from home
  • Ensuring the safety of your customers and employees during their stay
  • Overview and close monitoring of the number of people in the stores, offices, waiting areas