Administrations & Cantons

Administrations & Cantons

Focusing on user needs by opting for simpler and more efficient organisations

Sopra Steria supports government agencies in the modernisation of their services.

The transformation plan of administrations and institutions is to improve the efficiency of organisations, which involves leveraging technologies to improve the quality of service provided to users while controlling public expenditure at the same time.

Sopra Steria, a major player in the transformation of federal and cantonal authorities

For more than 40 years, Sopra Steria has been actively involved in supporting government administrations and institutions to meet their challenges through its expertise in tackling business issues and leveraging innovative technologies:

  • Mutualising support functions: optimising and improving the performance of Human Resources, Finance and Asset Management functions.
  • Re-engineering of business processes: improving the service quality and the performance of administrations.

With Sopra Steria, federal and cantonal authorities, particularly in the healthcare sector, work towards fulfilling their objectives and priorities in the most cost-effective manner and thereby giving the information system the agility it requires to confront major challenges.