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When it comes to digital transformation, at Sopra Steria Next, we believe that a strategic vision is only effective if it is actionable.

Inspired by our knowledge of the company and business reality on the ground, placing people at the centre and bringing them together with the best of technology, Sopra Steria Next is committed to working with our customers to devise visionary digital transformation strategies that are truly actionable. We strive to bring about practical and sustainable benefits for a company, its employees, its customers and society.

Because invention is key when facing companies business challenges.

Because digital transformation must have a positive impact for everyone.

Sopra Steria Next, inspired by action.

Value proposition

Laying the foundations of the platform company

We are convinced that the agility and openness of the platform company is based on a foundation of values shared by its ecosystem as well as on rules of partnership and collaboration.

How to rethink the foundations of your organisation

Build your brand through customer experience

We believe that large public and private companies can establish themselves as the structuring force of their ecosystem since they control the entire customer relationship. They will become platform companies if they agree to change sides and adopt the customer's point of view.

How to build your brand strategy

Making the management agile and engaging employees to ensure customer satisfaction

We believe that the platform company model reinvents dialogues, collaborations, innovations through contributions between "Extended Human Resources".

How to make your management models more agile

Boosting operational performance substantially

At Sopra Steria Next, we believe that the platform company must adapt its business models at the level of its global ecosystem (employees, partners, suppliers, complementary brands, etc.) in order to meet new customer requirements. This restructuring of operations must place the employee and the customer at the centre of the process. 

How to increase your operational performance substantially

Use data to control faults

We believe that data is an essential tool for winning and retaining customers if the company succeeds in balancing ethics and regulations. This can be a major challenge for existing companies. Our consultants will help you to define and design a data management system and finally expand it. Thereby you benefit from an increase of your information and knowledge.

How to put data at the core of your business model

Design your IT as a service

We are convinced that the platform is not only a business strategy but also a functional and technological component for providing internal or external services that can be easily and quickly integrated into a traditional IT.

How to modernise your IT
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