Optimieren Sie Ihr Kundenerlebnis

Enhancing customer experience 

Together, let's place customer experience at the centre of your business for a successful brand strategy

The arrival of pure digital players, who are now competing with major groups in the market, have taken the industry by storm and have challenged the position of these big players. New entrants such as Airbnb, Uber and Amazon were successful in capturing the market by capitalising on customer experience.


At the same time, the demands of B2C and B2B customers have become increasingly volatile: they expect companies to be more responsive, offer a fully customised approach and provide global solutions. Traditional companies who initially focused on the offer, must now become "customer centric" to gain competitive advantage and thereby create customer loyalty over the long term. Some traditional companies have been successful in quickly adopting these new business models and thereby becoming partners in their customer’s life projects. Specially this is the case for the transport sector which now offers comprehensive mobility plans. Health insurance players are also setting up an ecosystem by becoming their customer’s health partner offering personalised advice and access to medical platforms or home delivery of medicines.

Customers are the real treasure of your company

At Sopra Steria, we believe that the customer is the company's most valuable asset and must be placed at the centre of the strategy. We believe it is essential to refocus your brand around customer experience and align your organisation with your customer promise. Together, let's reinvent your value proposition centered around your customers' needs to provide tailored offers and offer unique experiences and thereby build long-term customer loyalty.

Shaping together the future of customer experience

Together, we work towards understanding the expectations and life plans of your prospective customers and therefore adapt your offer and services as per their expectations. To accomplish this, the company needs to transform itself at the organisational level by rethinking the manner in which it designs and delivers its products and services and its interactions with customers or partners. Our teams offer their expertise in formulating marketing, customer relations, sales and distribution policies to tailor them to your new customer experience. Together, with our global expertise and business knowledge, we design and develop digital products and services by leveraging new technologies. Thus our consultants help you to provide your customers with real added value and by this ensuring your competitiveness.

Together, let's place customer experience at the centre of your business to leverage your brand strategy through personalised services, anticipation of customer needs and expectations.