We are a "Great Place to Work"

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The Great Place to Work certification is an award for an excellent workplace culture. A Great Place to Work is a place where employees of all generations can develop personally and professionally, where people trust and support each other, where people take pride in their work and enjoy working with their colleagues.

Great Place to Work® uses a globally established model with evidence-based standards to analyze workplace culture. Organizations with an excellent workplace culture are successfully able to activate the potential of all their employees and thus increase value creation. The basis for this is mutual trust, lived values and leadership quality.

The strengths and potential of the workplace culture are evaluated on the basis of an employee survey and a culture audit and further developed through concrete measures. This approach shows both the influence on value creation and enables a comparison with other organisations.

This is how the basis for the Great Place to Work® "Best Workplaces" award as well as for the "Great Start!" certification of the Swiss training companies is created.

Every year, Great Place to Work® Switzerland evaluates the workplace culture of more than 100 organisations - from SMEs to large companies - and thus supports them in their development into attractive employers.