Team Sopra Steria CH

Our Swiss #DigitalLovers about their work

Some of our employees share with you what it's like to work with us.

Rim - Junior Project Manager

The transparency during the job interviews convinced me. And furthermore, this transparency is confirmed during my daily work.

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Estefania – Product Owner

I came to Sopra Steria Switzerland from Sopra Steria Spain. In between I was working for 6 months in France. Since 2019 I'm living Switzerland and work for the Canton of Vaud and Eurovision Services.


Daniel - Senior Software Engineer

My entire career I developed urban, interurban and railway traffic control systems. This is my big passion and reflected in my hobby with the Märklin trains. I'm so satisfied working in a field which reflects my enthusiasm. 


Michael - Software Developer

As a highly motivated career changer I've got the opportunity to do what I love! I graduated an apprenticeship as an electrician, today I’m an experienced and educated Software Developer. 


Ionela - Junior Test Engineer

During my internship I've learned a variety of skills, including data analysis, programming, web development and software testing. And afterwards I've got an excellent new opportunity! 


Rémi - Business Analyst and Project Manager

I evolved in various business areas and experienced several technologies. This flexibility was possible thanks to a close relationship with the management who was caring about my career expectations.


Simon - Consultant

Living in Switzerland and working for Projects in four countries! Recognising and understanding the business needs in combination with a variety of technical know-how are key factors for me. 


Caroline - Developer

What I like about working at Sopra Steria Switzerland is that the group is a bit more family-oriented in Switzerland. It's nice to work for a large group while maintaining a certain proximity, both to colleagues and to management.


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