Daniel - 9 years of work experience in Asia

Passion meets work

Daniel started his career at Sopra in Barcelona, Spain. Later, he moved to Malaysia and after several years he accepted a challenge in Vietnam. Since 2016 he is working for Sopra Steria in Switzerland. 

With your international background, how is life in Switzerland?

I’m a proud father of twins, who are now teenager. They started private, international school abroad and graduated public school in Switzerland. The Swiss dual education system is unique in the world. In most countries you go to university and start working. Both of my children are doing an apprentice based on the well accepted dual education system. They love the combination of school and work. For me, the happiness of my children is very important.

Another strong point about Switzerland is that everybody is treated equally. No matter what your background is or where you come from, we are respected. This is one of the one of the reasons would like to stay in Switzerland. We are integrated and happy. 

You mostly speak English in private and during work, how is this in Switzerland?

I’m working with colleagues from the French and German speaking part of Switzerland and we are an international group, so our common language is anyway English. And the terminology related to work is mostly in English too.

In the meantime, I can follow Swiss German and German, but speaking is a bit challenging.

Funny enough, my neighbors either speak Swiss German or English. They don’t like high German. I had never any troubles based on the languages. I feel accepted, also with English. 

Please tell me about your work, how is it?

My entire career I developed urban, interurban and railway traffic control systems. This is my big passion and reflected in my hobby with the Märklin trains. I'm so satisfied working in a field which reflects my enthusiasm. 

Ideas, no matter of whom, are listened and considered. If the idea from an employee is good, we realise it. Our hierarchy is flat, so everybody has a very important role. As an employee you must be honest. We listen to your wishes and support your career development. This supports our long-term relationship.

To me, international relationship is a strong asset. I work with people from India, Poland and of course Switzerland. And we have a strong culture of help and support.

Daniel, Senior Software Engineer

Sopra Steria Switzerland

About Daniel

1999 - 2000 Consultant at Sopra Spain

2006 - 2015 working in Asia

2016 Senior Software Engineer Sopra Steria Switzerland

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