Rémi, form IT Internship to a Business Analyst and Project Manager

I'm working with colleagues from different countries

Please inform us about your career start

My collaboration started back in 2006 as an IT internship. I acquired experience and skills since then via all opportunities given by my employer. From peers exchanges, internal trainings and editor courses, I've been able to progress as a technical consultant and strengthen my soft skills too.

How was your career progress later?

The clients always expect the best of us. To fulfill their expectation, I was able to evolve in various business areas and practice several technologies. This flexibility was possible thanks to a close relationship with our management who was caring about my career expectations and also proposed to me new challenges. I could then switch to senior consultant, tester, business analyst and project manager through years. I love this personal career path. 

What is your advice for someone coming from abroad to Switzerland?

As an international company, I have been working with colleagues from different countries and even benefit the transfer possibilities as I moved from France to Switzerland several years ago. To me, Sopra Steria  is a company that encourages and support people to achieve themselves in both professional and personal life which will indirectly reflect on customer satisfaction.

If you are coming from abroad to Switzerland, just be open and curious. Then, you will experience a new social life and great career opportunities.

Rémi - Business Analyst and Project Manager

Sopra Steria Switzerland

About Rémi

2006 Sopra Steria France, 3 months IT Internship

2006 Sopra Steria France, Consultant

2014 Sopra Steria Switzerland, Senior Consultant

2017 Business Analyst

2021 Business Analyst and Project Manager

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