Business Process Services

Supporting business transformation to achieve greater efficiency, agility and competitiveness.

Outsourcing with Sopra Steria for greater efficiency and profitability

In an extremely volatile environment, the pressure to achieve efficiency and profitability gains is increasing. From managing support functions to managing customer complaints or processing invoices, more and more companies are looking to outsource certain processes.


Sopra Steria, a trusted partner to increase competitiveness

Sopra Steria provides an adapted and innovative response in your search for performance.

Sopra Steria's Business Process Services offer involves entrusting an experienced partner with the operation and execution of part or all of a company's processes or functions. It leads to optimisation of operations, streamlining of costs and introduces greater flexibility in the management of certain functions. It is a real lever of transformation that also allows the company to focus on its core business.

We offer solutions to outsource processes in three domains:

  • Operation of the Finance and Administration (F&A) functions

  • Operation of the Human Resources functions, in particular in the area of staff administration

  • Operation of specialised business processes, such as, for example, operation and execution of control/command room processes for police forces, management of bank card fraud detection for financial institutions, management of loyalty cards for retailers, etc.


Sopra Steria is a network of experts providing an effective and successful global offer

Involved right from consulting till operations, Sopra Steria's teams comprise of business process experts, experts in technology, integration and data architecture. With the experience it has acquired over several years, Sopra Steria has unique expertise in BPS (Business Process Services) and shared services which enables it to design solutions that combine performance and profitability.


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