Blockchain or the era of trust

Since its inception in 2008 and in just a decade, Blockchain technology is developing at full tilt and has taken over the business world. 

It goes without saying that Blockchain technology is on the rise. We just have to look at the 10 billion Euros expected worldwide by 2022 according to IDC. Or even recognize the figures published by Forbes recently. They are indicating that the global Blockchain market will grow to more than $60 billion by 2024.

Keeping up with the Blockchain revolution

While Blockchain is still considered to be an emerging technology, many companies are changing their business model after realising how this technology could completely revolutionise practices and secure applications in every sector. 

Although the complexity of the technology itself is difficult to grasp due to its growing popularity and ubiquitous nature and even for technology enthusiasts, it is absolutely crucial for companies to at least consider the benefits and applications of this technology. 

At Sopra Steria, we support companies in keeping pace with this evolution by transforming their traditional transactional system into a more transparent and decentralised data management system. Stating the obvious, all this must be done while maintaining high security standards, in particular, by providing secure and scalable data sharing for collaborative decision-making.

Supporting customers on the Blockchain journey

We definitely endorse the fact that Blockchain technology can bring significant added value to your business and offer you numerous opportunities. Sopra Steria offers:

  • Customised solutions: you can trust our experts to develop customised solutions, working together with you, from designing up to implementation.
  • Unique expertise: a pioneer in the field of Blockchain technology, Sopra Steria has trained more than 200 consultants in partnership with prestigious tertiary institutions. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: although trust has been a major concern for a lot of people, Blockchain is much more than that, and should also be seen from an economic perspective. Blockchain technology can not only reduce production costs, in terms of increasing efficiency and reducing risk, but also reduce transactional costs.
  • Improved security: Blockchain technology enables securing your data. We believe that it is a promising technology for safer and more resilient applications in all domains.
  • Reliability, transparency, better traceability of transactions: Blockchain can be a gamechanger in the area of traceability. When implemented methodically it can establish connections and boost efficiency, transparency and accountability among all the stakeholders.

Accurately assess your business and if you are still looking for ways to increase efficiency, the answer may very well be Blockchain. Sopra Steria can help you with your Blockchain project.

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