Digital interactions

Digital interactions as a productivity lever and vector of new opportunities

Designing future technological uses today.

Today, technology such as smartphones and tablets, voice-activated devices and their connection with everyday objects (mobile, TV and connected speakers, X-reality...) offers new capabilities and has reinvented human interaction with technology.

User satisfaction has become fundamental in order to address customer productivity and business development challenges. There is a growing need for consistent interactions with digital services an enhanced overall experience for both customers and employees.

User experience is the focal point of our approach

User experience is a cornerstone in the digital service perception process. To ensure proper use and appropriation of applications, interfaces need to be intuitive.

To offer a relevant digital experience, the end user must be involved in the application building process.

Before selecting a product or service nowadays experience through digital interactions is essential for a user. Our UX/UI design studios along with our strategic design consulting teams which are equipped with their state-of-the-art methodology and expertise help you in creating products and services that meet these expectations.

The correct use of technology, new uses and industrialisation

In order to increase efficiency by the use of Mobility, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Serious Game and Voice Recognition it has become imperative to reinvent business processes.

This involves designing user journeys that offer a logical sequence of digital interactions ("ubiquitous interactions") on all the ecosystem terminals and delivering a user experience that is both consistent and omnichannel.

We create optimised solutions for your users that add value to your organisation.
This creativity is complemented by the industrialisation (necessary) to produce reliable solutions which are at scale and integrated into the overall information system. The aim is opting for an agile delivery model that enables the integration of short production cycles.

Our industrial production model ensures continuity between the experimental development of innovations and their industrial deployment.

Our global approach: a business enabler

“User-centric" vision combined with our knowledge of your business along with our expertise in emerging technologies constitute our core strength in building customised solutions to address your challenges.

Our end-to-end services offer is available for you throughout the implementation cycle from consulting to industrialisation and finally project roll out. 

Our team intervention is always reciprocal and synchronised within our project teams whether they are located at different business branches or in our Digital Factory. We use the best collaborative, iterative and industrialised methods.

We integrate a global vision of user experience into your projects, using an approach based on design thinking.

Lastly, our approach to innovation and continuous improvement enables us to offer you delivery models that meet the time-to-market and user satisfaction challenges.

At Sopra Steria, we offer new digital experiences throughout Europe to meet your objectives and business requirements.

Together, let us create new digital experiences for your ecosystem.

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