New digital interaction opportunities

In the true sense of the word ‘revolution’, there is an increasing number of new perception and interaction models augmenting human capabilities and offering new opportunities. For instance, Gartner estimates that by 2020, 100 million consumers will be shopping online and in stores using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The maturity of these technologies and current costs speak for an integration into the user journey of a company. The cultural change in digital usage also facilitates such an introduction. This is particularly true for generations that originally came into contact with interfaces such as video games, mobile devices and today also with the use of speech recognition systems. This has made X-Reality a viable transformation vector today.

Transcending the real

Once it is mastered, X-Reality paves the way for more high-performance, reliable and repeatable work processes. The existing interactions (mobile, voice, touch and gesture) are supplemented and integrated by using data in AR/VR to create a device ecosystem for the user. Using natural experience and meaningful increased perception of each interaction, the digital world is also integrated into the user’s physical reality. The interpretation of data by using AI now includes real-time image and language processing. It equips systems with a better perception of the context and users get a detailed understanding of the situation. Lastly, the sensory experience based on 3D vision, sounds and lifelike interaction provides a comprehensible and impressive channel for communication and learning. It transcends business silos, cultural differences and even language barriers.

Process optimisation and knowledge-sharing

Our objective is to leverage all the benefits of X-Reality so that the performance of professionals is optimised on the spot by augmenting their physical environment with relevant data for the user at the right moment. We deploy AR/VR application ergonomics that enable immediate understanding of scenarios and clear decision-making.

X-reality helps in improving knowledge exchange between the different silos of the company and even the customer relationship/product. It also improves training programs where the learning curves are much higher than those in traditional techniques.

Harnessing the power of X-Reality with Sopra Steria

We are already supporting our customers in many sectors and businesses: from retail customer experience, industry training and support to collaborations in the field of surgery.

These areas offer unprecedented opportunity to use 3D data and resources generated by companies. We also support you in valuating this data and integrating it into X-Reality experiences to meet your requirements.

There is a complete range of skills and techniques that we have developed, so that together we can design and deploy the possible applications of these technologies in your ecosystem. We have multidisciplinary teams consisting of people completely dedicated to these activities (producers, game designers, 3D artists, immersive UX/UI designer, gameplay and interaction developers, level designer) so that you enjoy the maximum benefits of X-Reality. 

Our teams specialising in PLM or Active BIM 3D further enhance this expertise by equipping our customers with the complete knowledge of using 3D in the industrial and real estate sector.

As a proud member of Microsoft's Mixed Reality Partner Program, Sopra Steria has an extensive ecosystem of partners who are experts in the field and has been specifically identified as a major X-Reality solution integrator in Europe.

To accelerate the implementation of industrialised platforms for our customers, to integrate their data sources and ensure that they are autonomously and recurrently using X-reality in their processes, we have aggregated our know-how in the form of a suite of technological components. Lastly, we provide you with customised teams in our Digital Factories and our sector teams throughout Europe so that these projects are started using an agile and scalable methodology.

With a combination of our design studies, the know-how of our professional 3D specialists and the experience of a major integrator in your transformation journey we ensure to fully harness the power of X-Reality.

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