Réinventer son business model

Reinvent Your Business Model

Together, let's rethink your business model and develop your collective intelligence to become a more agile company

The progress of the digital age has given rise to new entrants and new customer expectations along with the emergence of new ecosystems which have forced traditional companies and established models to redefine their roles. Some players in the banking, insurance and transport sectors are focusing on their primary missions by adopting a collaborative approach and thereby ensuring long-term sustainability and growth.

At Sopra Steria, we believe that digital transformation is the industrial revolution impacting the entire value chain and thereby requires an end-to-end global approach. Digital and innovation are pillars that contribute towards creating value and we believe in the platform company, which is agile, innovative and open to its ecosystem. Collective intelligence is crucial to support your new business model and can help create new business opportunities by adopting a global approach, and combining disruptive strategy consulting and tailored services. We help in identifying what is unique about your digital transformation and how it can be leveraged to strengthen your competitive position.

We closely work with you to understand the expectations of your customers, employees and partners for co-constructing your future business model in a concrete manner, which is aligned with your objectives and challenges, and thereby contribute towards your transformation into a platform company. We extend our expertise in dealing with industrial and sectoral issues to reinforce your transformation strategy and also help set up your own digital maturity indicators to evaluate your performance. 

Together, let's reinvent your business model and develop your collective intelligence by bringing your talents and expertise together within the ecosystem and thereby helping you transform into a more agile and innovative company.