Révéler votre capital humain

Unleash Your Human Capital

Together, let us rise to the challenge of human transformation to confront changing patterns, cultures and skills

Digital transformation is a human and organisational transformation and technological opportunity represents only one dimension of the social evolution. The digital age has led to the transformation of service models and modes of collaboration and is challenging the way organisations work. Consequently, this must be seen as an opportunity to adapt and stay relevant in changing times. 

Performance for large organisations with a long history means adapting to new market expectations, renewing customer portfolios and revolutionizing uses. Responding to these new challenges entails transformation of skills using available means, boosting agility and creating a sense of uniqueness and competitiveness.


Human capital, a driving force for transformation

The company must win and gain support of its employees by leading them to believe in its purpose and future vision and aim to create a digital experience for them which is on par with that of the customer. It is therefore crucial to introduce collective intelligence practices, adopt new methods, tools, organisations and attitudes for ensuring success.  

Our approach is centered around involving and developing employees in the strategy and operational modes of transformation. This objective goes beyond the internal human capital, i.e. if mobilised, the "external" ecosystem, can contribute towards the transformation of companies, accelerate performance and thereby lead towards concrete actions.

All company functions are required to address these transformations and actively contribute in redefining the value of the organisation. This applies for their own operations and cross-functional interactions and to achieve this, several levers of action and change management plans have been set up to accelerate this reinvention.

Fostering collective intelligence is crucial for a transformation. It is therefore important to rely on innovative and agile governance models, learning plans for collaborative methods and approaches, development of new role models and expansion of transversal networks. Companies need to inculcate a collaborative culture by maximizing talent so as to be able to respond to changing customer expectations. 

Together, we increase your ability to leverage human capital by placing your people at the centre of strategy and execution.


Reinventing your organisation’s HR value chain models and employee experience together

The HR must rethink its transformational value and the ways in which it contributes to companies. Simultaneously, it must free itself of activities with low added value. We are here to help you redesign your skills transformation strategy to continuously adapt to these challenges.
To achieve this, required behavioural changes and new ways of working need to be introduced. We work with you to align the level of your employee experience, right from the recruitment stage and strive towards offering a great customer experience by designing, implementing and organising the execution of this transformation. Our teams offer their insights, experience and skills to meet your challenges and extend their support in redefining the roles, organisations and resources of your HR department.

We mobilise human resource information systems (HRIS) adapted to your specific needs through Sopra HR Software solutions, while remaining on the cutting edge of technology. Lastly, we inspire and develop your plans to leverage collective intelligence for accelerating transformation, improving employer branding and showcasing your talents.

Together, let us rise to the challenge of human transformation to confront changing patterns, cultures and skills.